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Pre-Made Affirmations

Affirmations for basic functioning

I allow the river to flow. (Plays every minute.)

I think very well. (Plays every minute.)

Help Me Review Equations

Please Give Me a Suggestion

I am sleeping deeply, and will perform well when I wake up. (Plays every 5 minutes.)

I am breathing in... and out. (Plays every minute.)

I am taking small, mindful steps. (Plays every minute.)

I practice mindful breathing and walking. (Plays every minute.)

I stand up for 1 minute at the top of the hour and lie down for 1 minute at the half-hour. (Plays every minute.)

Affirmations for making progress and getting things done

I am working towards a goal. (Plays every minute.)

I am working on the skills and understanding I need for my next job or task. (Plays every minute.)

My Life has flow and analysis, and I keep making progress. (Plays every minute.)

Affirmations for relieving stress and feeling better

Everyone is equally special. (Plays every minute.)

Sometimes I like to whisper. (Plays every minute.)

I am grateful and I am kind. (Plays every minute.)